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Real name: Molly Sims. Biography of Molly Sims & facts: Molly Sims is two things we’re really quite.


Molly Sims aka Molly biography

Molly Sims birth name:Molly Sims
Molly Sims birthday1973-05-25
Molly Sims home townMurray, Kentucky.
Molly Sims assetslong legs, brains.
Molly Sims vicesyoga
Molly Sims height176 cm
Molly Sims jobActress, supermodel.
Molly Sims hobbiesyoga.
Molly Sims ethnicityWhite
Molly Sims breast size34
Molly Sims waist size23
Molly Sims hips size34
Molly Sims mottoI believe in magic, psychics and all that
Real biography: Molly Sims is two things we’re really quite fond of: leggy and Southern. She’s also rather skillful at wearing very small bikinis.

Life Story

Born and raised in Murray, Kentucky, Molly ditched her pre-law studies and Delta Delta Delta social responsibilities at Vanderbilt University to pursue a career in modeling. (When you’re 5’9” and gorgeous, you pretty much owe it to men to drop out of school and have your picture taken repeatedly.) She was the official spokesmodel for Old Navy, appearing in a string of ads in which she told viewers, “You gotta get this look!” (To which we said, “Whatever you say, lanky blonde babe.”) In 2000 and 2001, she added gazelle-like sex appeal to the pages of Sports Illustrated’s Swimsuit Issue, along with other stunners like Josie Maran, Elsa Benitez and Heidi Klum. She returned to SI’s Swimsuit Issue in 2006, sporting a super-skimpy bikini made of diamonds worth about $30 million.In 2002, Molly successfully made the often-screwed-up transition from modeling to acting, appearing in shows like Andy Richter Controls the Universe and The Twilight Zone, and movies like Starsky & Hutch (Carmen Electra, Amy Smart, Juliette Lewis) and The Benchwarmers (Erinn Bartlett). But you know her best as the beautiful, quick-witted and alliteratively named Delinda Deline on Las Vegas (Vanessa Marcil), which should bring her residual checks from now until the day people stop gambling in Las Vegas.Looking ahead, you may see Molly reuniting with actor ex-boyfriend Enrique Murciano (Without a Trace), whom she shared a six-year relationship with. Or you may not. We can’t predict the future. If we did, we’d be in Vegas.

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