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Real name: Minka Kelly. Biography of Minka Kelly & facts: IntroductionAs the stand-out star of the.


Minka Kelly aka Minka biography

Minka Kelly birth name:Minka Kelly
Minka Kelly birthday1980-06-24
Minka Kelly home townLos Angeles, CA.
Minka Kelly assetsHot girl who can break your heart.
Minka Kelly vicesWarm weather.
Minka Kelly height166 cm
Minka Kelly jobActress.
Minka Kelly hobbiesReading.
Minka Kelly ethnicityWhite
Minka Kelly breast size34
Minka Kelly waist size24
Minka Kelly hips size33
Minka Kelly mottoI’m really big into passion and love and expressions.
Real biography: Introduction

As the stand-out star of the hit show Friday Night Lights, Minka Kelly makes you want to go back to high school. But before her acting career took off, Kelly says her life was pretty miserable.

Life Story

Her father, Rick Dufay was a former Areosmith guitarist who left Kelly and her mother. At the age of 17, Minka decided enough was enough and reconciled with her father. Good thing to, because she then moved in with him in Los Angeles and started acting as a hobby while she studied to be a surgical technician.When the acting gigs starting coming in, she quickly ditched studying to focus on the more lucrative jobs. She had a small role in State's Evidence (Alexa Vega) and caught the eye of TV director Peter Berg, who cast her in Friday Night Lights as Lyla Garrity. She can now be seen in the 2007 film The Kingdom (Jennifer Garner), which was also directed by Berg.

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