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Real name: Mika Nakashima. Biography of Mika Nakashima & facts: Nakashima's first album, TRUE.


Mika Nakashima aka Mika biography

Name: Mika
Surname: Nakashima
Mika Nakashima birth name: Mika Nakashima
Mika Nakashima birthday: 1983-02-19
Mika Nakashima home town: Kyushu.
Mika Nakashima assets: Great voice.
Mika Nakashima vices:
Mika Nakashima height: 158 cm
Mika Nakashima job: singer/model/actress.
Mika Nakashima hobbies
Mika Nakashima ethnicityAsian
Mika Nakashima breast size32
Mika Nakashima waist size21
Mika Nakashima hips size33
Mika Nakashima motto
Real biography:

Nakashima's first album, TRUE, released in August 2002, was a #1 hit on the Oricon charts. In 3 weeks, TRUE sold a million copies. Then, as a commemoration of one year since her debut, Nakashima released a Premium EP: RESISTANCE, which hit the charts' #1 spot for two weeks in a row. On December 18, a documentary video, Kiseki: the document of a star, was released. In 2002, the singer received the "New Artist of the Year" award at the Japan Gold Disc Awards and "Best New Artist of the Year" at the All Japan Request Awards 2002. She also won the "New Artist of the Year" award from the 44th Japan Record Awards.

Mika's second album, LOVE, which was released in November 2003, sold over 1.41 million copies, surpassing that of her debut. The Japan Composers Association awarded LOVE the Best Album Award. After releasing a second mini-album, Oborozukiyo~Inori, in September 2004, Nakashima topped the Oricon Album Chart again with MUSIC in March 2005, as well as with BEST (her first Greatest Hits album) in December of that year. BEST is the third album by Nakashima to have sold a million copies or more.

Her most popular songs include "Stars," Gundam Seed's ending song "Find the Way", "Sakurairo Maukoro"(桜色舞うころ), and "Yuki no Hana"(雪の華) which was covered by South Korean male singer Hyo-Shin Park and this covered song was inserted in the popular Korean drama I'm Sorry, I Love You. Another Korean version was sung by female singer Seo Young Eun. It was also one of the most popular karaoke songs in Japan in 2004. The song was first covered by Singapore singer Joi Chua in 2005 by the same title "Sorry I Love You". It was also covered by Mainland Chinese singer Han Xue on August 2004 in Mandarin; and by Hong Kong singer Vincy Chan in 2006, in Cantonese. Another covered version was released on June 2006, sung by Japanese male singer Hideaki Tokunaga. In 2004 she sang the ending theme of the anime series based on the manga Hi no Tori as aired on NHK.

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