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Real name: Meredith Dawn Salenger. Biography of Meredith Salenger & facts: Image: thumb]] Born and.


Meredith Dawn Salenger aka Meredith biography

Meredith Salenger birth name:Meredith Dawn Salenger
Meredith Salenger birthday1970-03-14
Meredith Salenger home townCalifornia.
Meredith Salenger assets
Meredith Salenger vices
Meredith Salenger height161 cm
Meredith Salenger jobActress.
Meredith Salenger hobbies
Meredith Salenger ethnicityWhite
Meredith Salenger breast size36
Meredith Salenger waist size24
Meredith Salenger hips size34
Meredith Salenger mottoMeredith Salenger
Real biography: [[Image: thumb]]

Born and raised in Malibu, California, as a child she enjoyed performing in front of her family and friends. When she was eight years old, her mom took her to acting class and Meredith found her calling. Her first role was a small part as a "singing and dancing orphan" in the feature film Annie, directed by John Huston. Then came Meredith's first starring role in the Disney film, The Journey of Natty Gann, which was the first American movie to win the gold award at the Moscow Film Festival. This film also garnered Meredith "Best Actress in a Drama" at the Youth in Film Awards for her wonderful portrayal of the tomboyish Natty Gann. After starring in four more films by the time she was eighteen years old, Meredith left Hollywood for Harvard to further her education.

From 1988 until 1992, Salenger attended the university and graduated cum laude with a degree in Psychology which proved she was not only beautiful and talented, but extremely intelligent. Upon her return to Hollywood, Meredith resumed her acting career. Her recent credits include: Lake Placid, The Third Wheel, and an upcoming independent film called Grownups. Salenger has appeared in several independent films including "Quality Time" and "Sparkle & Charm."

Can currently be seen on The Cleaner and "24" and in Disney's upcoming "Race to Witch Mountain". She is also lending her voice to the amazing cast of the Star Wars Animated Series.

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