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Real name: Melissa Joan Hart. Biography of Melissa Joan Hart & facts: Melissa Joan Hart has made a.


Melissa Joan Hart aka Melissa biography

SurnameJoan Hart
Melissa Joan Hart birth name:Melissa Joan Hart
Melissa Joan Hart birthday1976-04-18
Melissa Joan Hart home townSmithtown, New York.
Melissa Joan Hart assetsGirl-next-door cuteness.
Melissa Joan Hart vicesStarring in shows on Abc Family
Melissa Joan Hart height158 cm
Melissa Joan Hart jobActress.
Melissa Joan Hart hobbiesSinging.
Melissa Joan Hart ethnicityWhite
Melissa Joan Hart breast size30
Melissa Joan Hart waist size23
Melissa Joan Hart hips size33
Melissa Joan Hart mottoI'll pose nude once I stop starring in family friendly programming
Real biography: Melissa Joan Hart has made a name for herself continually playing the role of the girl next door, starring in two separate, long running sitcoms that no one has seen. Her biggest role occurred in the teen film “Can’t Hardly Wait,” but since, acting work has been few and far between, but she still possesses the hotness that makes you wish she moved next door to you.

Life Story

Melissa was born in 1976 in Smithtown, New York, to Paula and William Hart. She has six sisters and one brother. Her sisters are Trisha Hart,Elizabeth Hart,Emily Hart, Alexandra Gilliams,Samantha Gilliams and Mackenzie Hart. Her brother is Brian Hart. Her step-parents are Leslie Gilliams and Lisa Hart. Her parents, realizing those big eyes and blonde hair could make money, put her up for her first television commercial when she was three years old. At thirteen she starred on Broadway, and at fifteen landed her first major role in “Clarissa Explains it All,” a sitcom in which she played a teenager who dealt with everyday situations. In 1995 her career exploded when she starred in the popular show “Sabrina the Teenage Witch,” in which she played a teenage witch who dealt with everyday situations. The show ended in 2003, and shortly after, she married Mark Wilkerson, member of the band Course of Nature, which plays in front of crowds of tens, several times a year. The couple, seeing a chance to exploit the love and commitment that is marriage, had their ceremony documented in a miniseries entitled “Tying the Knot.”In January 2006, she and Wilkerson had their first child, Mason Walter Wilkerson, who will undoubtedly go by his full name. Melissa has recently ventured into directing, taking the helm of the latest Course of Nature music video, which you can most likely only find at Wilkerson family functions. As a fellow mother, and friend of Britney Spears, she continues her support of Britney’s otherwise unsupportable behaviors.

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