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Real name: Melanie Walsh. Biography of Melanie Walsh & facts: Melanie Walsh is a British model who.


Melanie Walsh aka Melanie biography

Name: Melanie
Surname: Walsh
Melanie Walsh birth name: Melanie Walsh
Melanie Walsh birthday: 1980-07-08
Nickname: Molly
Melanie Walsh home town: London, England.
Melanie Walsh assets: A particularly nice rear end.
Melanie Walsh vices: biting nails,spanking attractive women
Melanie Walsh height: 161 cm
Melanie Walsh job: Model/Actress.
Melanie Walsh hobbiesDressing, in, college, uniforms, eating, chocolate.
Melanie Walsh ethnicity
Melanie Walsh breast size34
Melanie Walsh waist size23
Melanie Walsh hips size34
Melanie Walsh mottoI really hate smelly people, and mushrooms. They’re icky
Real biography: Melanie Walsh is a British model who is not afraid to appear nude. She has appeared in the magazines FHM, GQ, Loaded, Fast Car and Redline (unfortunately she was not nude in any of them). She is also a tabloid darling, as her risqué behavior has caught the paparazzi eye.

Life Story

She started her career in modeling after winning a local modeling competition in her hometown Watford, England. In 2005 she started her own website www.onlymelanie.com. If you are alone right now, you would do wise to visit this site. She has become well known as the girl who will dress up as anything, and do anything for her photoshoots. For example, college uniforms, girl scout uniforms, and nun outfits are her favorite, especially while she is spanking another girl dressed like her.Her biggest movie credit is Deuce Bigalow: European Gigolo (Hanna Verboom and Miranda Raison), but with a reference from Rob Schneider who knows where her career will go.

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