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Real name: Megan Gale. Biography of Megan Gale & facts: IntroductionMegan Gale is using her good.


Megan Gale aka Megan biography

Megan Gale birth name:Megan Gale
Megan Gale birthday1975-08-07
Megan Gale home townPerth, Australia.
Megan Gale assetsMature model.
Megan Gale vicesHairy guys
Megan Gale height176 cm
Megan Gale jobModel, Actress.
Megan Gale hobbiesPlaying, the, didgeridoo.
Megan Gale ethnicity
Megan Gale breast size36
Megan Gale waist size24
Megan Gale hips size34
Megan Gale mottoYes, Andy Lee and I have been hanging out together as we've known each other for ages. He's great and a lot of fun and we really enjoy each other.
Real biography: Introduction

Megan Gale is using her good looks to help launch an acting career, and we couldn't be happier.

Life Story

Megan Gale didn't enter the world of modeling until the unusually ripe old-age of 24. She won a modeling competition while attending college, and hasn't looked back since. Her popularity sky-rocketed after she appeared in commercials for Italian communications company Vodafone Italy, and was called the hottest thing to come out of Italy since Sophie Loren.

In 2003, the Australian Tourist Commission hired her as "their face of Australia in Italy," (whatever that means). Gale has found great success as a runway model in Italy and has helped promote Australian designers across the world. She is also the model for the Australian department store David Jones.

Besides modeling, Gale has started an acting career, first working as a fashion cometator for the Australian 2007 Logie Awards and has appeared in the Jessicia Biel sci-fi film Stealth. Despite having previously dated fashion designers and models, Gale is currently romantically involved with funny man Andy Lee of the comedy group Hamish and Andy.

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