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Real name: Mary-Louise Parker. Biography of Mary-Louise Parker & facts: Introduction After moving.


Mary-Louise Parker aka Mary-Louise biography

Mary-Louise Parker birth name:Mary-Louise Parker
Mary-Louise Parker birthday1964-08-02
Mary-Louise Parker home townFort Jackson, South Carolina.
Mary-Louise Parker assetsShe''s hotter than she can act, and she acts well..
Mary-Louise Parker vicesPusher
Mary-Louise Parker height173 cm
Mary-Louise Parker jobActress.
Mary-Louise Parker hobbiesHydroponics, anti-retroviral, therapies.
Mary-Louise Parker ethnicityWhite
Mary-Louise Parker breast size30
Mary-Louise Parker waist size23
Mary-Louise Parker hips size33
Mary-Louise Parker mottoOh, I just hate having to polish all of these awards!
Real biography: Introduction

After moving to NY to pursue acting, Parker got a job measuring feet at a shoe store. Her best-known works include a movie about old women named Fried Green Tomatoes, and movie about gay people named Boys on the Side, a show about a president named The West Wing, another show about AIDS named Angels in America, and a show about selling ganja named Weeds.

Life Story

Mary-Louise Parker was born in Fort Jackson, South Carolina. After attending the North Carolina School of the Arts theatre conservatory, she headed for NYC to pursue a career in theatre. Her her Broadway debut was in "Prelude to a Kiss" in 1990, where she won the Theatre World Award, the Clarence Derwent Award, and a was nominated for a Tony. Not a bad start.

For one reason or another, Parker has been involved with numerous productions concerning individuals with AIDS. The most famous of these was Angels in America, directed by Mike Nichols (the Graduate) and written by Tony Kushner (bunch of stuff you would not know). She is now playing the lead role in Showtime’s well received show about a suburban-mom-gone-weed-slinger, entitled Weeds.

In 2008, she was nominated for an Emmy in Best Actress in a Comedy Series for her work in "Weeds".

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