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Real name: Martina Stella. Biography of Martina Stella & facts: Stella made her movie debut in 2001.


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Martina Stella birth name:Martina Stella
Martina Stella birthday1984-11-28
Martina Stella home townFirenze, Italy.
Martina Stella assets
Martina Stella vices
Martina Stella height166 cm
Martina Stella jobActress.
Martina Stella hobbies
Martina Stella ethnicity
Martina Stella breast size30
Martina Stella waist size24
Martina Stella hips size34
Martina Stella mottobeautiful young woman
Real biography:

Stella made her movie debut in 2001 in L'ultimo bacio. In the next couple years she appeared in several more Italian films, including Un amore perfetto in 2002 with Cesare Cremonini of Lunapop. Her film career has also included a small role in the 2004 Hollywood movie Ocean's Twelve.

Stella made her theatrical debut in 2002 in Aggiungi un posto a tavola, and briefly returned to the stage in 2006 in Romeo e Guilietta. Stella has since made appearances in various television projects, most recently the miniseries Le ragazze di San Frediano (which appeared on Rai Uno) and Piper.

Over the years, Stella has been a spokesperson for Lelli Kelly shoes, Killer Loop glasses, Biotherm cosmetics, and Tommaso Buti watches.

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