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Real name: Marina Sirtis. Biography of Marina Sirtis & facts: Born in London to Greek parents.


Marina Sirtis aka Marina biography

Marina Sirtis birth name:Marina Sirtis
Marina Sirtis birthday
Marina Sirtis home townLondon, England.
Marina Sirtis assets
Marina Sirtis vices
Marina Sirtis height163 cm
Marina Sirtis jobActress.
Marina Sirtis hobbies
Marina Sirtis ethnicityWhite
Marina Sirtis breast size30
Marina Sirtis waist size23
Marina Sirtis hips size33
Marina Sirtis mottoI was originally cast to be the brains of the Enterprise. Somehow I became The Chick. There's a little ugly girl inside of me going 'Yay! I'm a sex symbol!
Real biography: Born in London to Greek parents, Marina began her passion for acting at the Royal Shakespeare Company affiliated Guild Hall of Music and Drama School. The Worthington Repertory Theatre company's production of Hamlet was Marina's entre into the theatre world. She went on to appear with a variety of European companies such as Coventry Rep's production of The Hunchback of Notre Dame in the role of Esmerelda and in The Rocky Horror Picture Show as Magenta. But it was Marina's riveting portrayal of Star Trek's Deana Troi, the psychic counselor that brought her legions of fans throughout the galaxy.

Trivia: She wore contacts to make her eyes brown on Star Trek TNG. Her eyes really are hazel.

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