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Real name: Quiana Marie Bryant. Biography of Marie Luv & facts: What can you say? In an industry.


Quiana Marie Bryant aka Marie biography

Marie Luv birth name:Quiana Marie Bryant
Marie Luv birthday1981-11-01
NicknameDestiny Big,Marcie Luv
Marie Luv home townHacienda Heights, CA.
Marie Luv assetsAss, More Ass, and Stamina.
Marie Luv vicesIs anal sex a vice anymore?
Marie Luv height173 cm
Marie Luv jobPorn Goddess.
Marie Luv hobbies
Marie Luv ethnicityBlack
Marie Luv breast size34
Marie Luv waist size24
Marie Luv hips size34
Marie Luv mottoAn enthusiastic fan of anal sex
Real biography:

What can you say? In an industry dominated by skeletal blondes with more silicon than you'd need to weatherstrip your RV, in walks an athletic black girl with a tiny ass and an appetite for anal sex that has to be seen to be believed.

She aspires to direct and says that she truly loves what she does - that she filmed herself getting off long before anyone else filmed her getting off.

She isn't comfortable with bisexual or lesbian scenes and really comes alive when she's the focus of only one actor. She's a pro, and curiously enough, the sister of gay porn actor Nick Da'Kannon.

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