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Real name: Maribel Fernández Guardia. Biography of Maribel Guardia & facts: Maribel Fernández.


Maribel Fernández Guardia aka Maribel biography

Maribel Guardia birth name:Maribel Fernández Guardia
Maribel Guardia birthday1960-05-29
NicknameLa Bella
Maribel Guardia home townSan Jose.
Maribel Guardia assets
Maribel Guardia vices
Maribel Guardia height171 cm
Maribel Guardia jobActress, Singer.
Maribel Guardia hobbies
Maribel Guardia ethnicityLatino
Maribel Guardia breast size38
Maribel Guardia waist size27
Maribel Guardia hips size38
Maribel Guardia motto
Real biography:

Maribel Fernández Guardia is a Costa Rican actress, who works and lives in Mexico.

Guardia was elected Miss Costa Rica in 1978, going on to represent her birth country at the Miss World and Miss Universe contests. She won Miss Photogenic at the Miss Universe contest. The contest had been held in Acapulco, and she received offers by Televisa producer Sergio Bustamante to develop a career there. She received a scholarship from Televisa in order to study drama at Sergio Bustamante's Academy.

Guardia moved to Mexico in 1980. This move proved to be crucial for her show business career. In 1980, she appeared in her first television show, alongside Loco Valdés. In 1984 she had already participated in 12 movies.

Guardia went on to make multiple telenovelas which, are soap operas in Latin America, and release a series of albums in the Norteña music genre.

Maribel Guardia has acted alongside some very important actors, including Andres Garcia, Saul Lisazo, and Joan Sebastian. One of her major soap opera hits was alongside Sebastian. Together, they filmed Tú y yo. One film where she acted alongside Andres Garcia was Pedro Navaja, where she played the main character's wife. She also did a film that was called El Rey de Los Taxistas alongside Luis de Alba.

Maribel lived for five years with Joan Sebastian and had a son with him.

Recently she has done telenovelas made for children. She has also done a comedy in 2006 that is called Que Madre, Tan Padre as well as the variety show, Muévete.

Apart from her jobs as an actress and singer, she has also modeled for various calendars, which are sold to her fans

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