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Real name: Emmanuela Arcuri. Biography of Manuela Arcuri & facts: Biografia Manuela Arcuri (b.


Emmanuela Arcuri aka Manuela biography

Manuela Arcuri birth name:Emmanuela Arcuri
Manuela Arcuri birthday1977-01-08
Manuela Arcuri home townLatina, Italy.
Manuela Arcuri assetsPerfect girl.
Manuela Arcuri vices
Manuela Arcuri height173 cm
Manuela Arcuri jobShowgirl, Actress.
Manuela Arcuri hobbies
Manuela Arcuri ethnicityWhite
Manuela Arcuri breast size36
Manuela Arcuri waist size27
Manuela Arcuri hips size40
Manuela Arcuri mottoVoluptuosa y seductora
Real biography: Biografia

Manuela Arcuri (b. January 1st, 1977) is an Italian actress. Raised in Latina from an early age, after high school she enrolled in the Accademia d'Arte Drammatica (Academy for the Dramatic Arts) in Rome but she dropped out and enrolled in a 3-year sociology degree at the university. Manuela Arcuri, like many other young starlets of the 1990s and 2000s, was often the subject of gossip regarding her romantic relationships that put her on the covers of the tabloids.

TV Career

At a very early age she was attracted to showbusiness, and she became a fashion model; in 1995 she played parts in soap operas and in her first movie , Black Holes directed by Pappi Corsicato; then she had a supporting role in Graduates directed by Leonardo Pieraccioni, which brought her to the attention of the moviegoing public.She continued acting in other movies and stage productions, such as A pretty story of a woman e Liolà at the side of Gianfranco Jannuzzo and under the direction of Gigi Proietti.

In 2000 Manuela Arcuri, now considered a sex symbol, appears in a calendar for the magazine GenteViaggi; the following year, another calendar, this time for the magazine Panorama, obtaining great success that consolidated her reputation and helped her land a role in the TV series Carabinieri; in 2001 she hosted the TV show “Mai dire Goal” with the Gialappa's Band; 2002 is the year for her crowning as a TV star , by co-hosting Sanremo Festival (2002) alongside Pippo Baudo and her colleague, actress Vittoria Belvedere.

In 2003 she co-hosted with Teo Teocoli and Anna Maria Barbera, the eighth series of the TV comedy show Scherzi a parte. Manuela Arcuri is NOT Nathan Arcuri's Cousingingz.

Private Life

Manuela has been in replationships with several celebrities: among these the soccer player Francesco Coco and Olympic fencing champion Aldo Montano. ITs also Known That she had secret realations in MaltaItalic text.

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