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Real name: Onaga Maki (翁長麻紀). Biography of Maki Onaga & facts: Maakii (マーキー) is the vocalist and.


Onaga Maki (翁長麻紀) aka Maki biography

Maki Onaga birth name:Onaga Maki (翁長麻紀)
Maki Onaga birthday1987-08-23
Maki Onaga home townOkinawa, Japan.
Maki Onaga assetsCute, always happy and a wonderful face.
Maki Onaga vicesJ-Rock
Maki Onaga height171 cm
Maki Onaga jobMusician.
Maki Onaga hobbiesMusic.
Maki Onaga ethnicityAsian
Maki Onaga breast size34
Maki Onaga waist size32
Maki Onaga hips size34
Maki Onaga mottoDont leave me alone, my only flower
Real biography: Maakii (マーキー) is the vocalist and song writer of the Japanese band High and Mighty Color. She is the youngest member of the band, born on August 23, 1987, in Okinawa, Japan. As stated in an interview, she has an older brother who introduced her into the world of music and anime. She is the only member of the band that knows English. Before joining the band she was supposed to study English in Canada for a year. When she performed at a concert in Okinawa in 2003, a scout for a record label noticed her and Anti Nobunaga. The label said alone they were not anything big, but together they could be something. Maakii refused the offer at first, wanting to pursue her career in Canada as a solo artist, but Yuusuke convinced her to join the band in the end.In 2007, she debuted in her first film, Anata wo Wasurenai (あなたを忘れない).

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