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Real name: Ludivine Sagnier. Biography of Ludivine Sagnier & facts: July 3, 1979) is a French.


Ludivine Sagnier aka Ludivine biography

Ludivine Sagnier birth name:Ludivine Sagnier
Ludivine Sagnier birthday1979-07-03
Ludivine Sagnier home townLa Celle-Saint-Cloud.
Ludivine Sagnier assetsJuvenile beauty.
Ludivine Sagnier vicesNope,she''s clean...
Ludivine Sagnier height158 cm
Ludivine Sagnier jobActress.
Ludivine Sagnier hobbies
Ludivine Sagnier ethnicity
Ludivine Sagnier breast size34
Ludivine Sagnier waist size25
Ludivine Sagnier hips size35
Ludivine Sagnier mottoI learn a little more about myself with each character I play
Real biography:

July 3, 1979) is a French actress and model.

Sagnier was born in La Celle-Saint-Cloud, in the Yvelines département. She started taking acting classes at a young age and had her film debut at age 10 in Je veux rentrer a la maison and Les maris, les femmes, les amants. In 2001, she was named one of the Shooting Stars by European Film Promotion. Sagnier performed in two films in competition at the 2003 Cannes Film Festival, La Petite Lili and Swimming Pool, both released in the same year.

Sagnier has appeared nude in extended scenes in several films, including Swimming Pool, La Petite Lili, Water Drops on Burning Rocks, and Bon plan. Addressing this issue, Sagnier told Playboy: "I'm much more confident in front of a camera, hidden by a character, enhanced by makeup, so I can go much further than I can in real life. Sexual acting is painful, because even though you're pretending, you have the skin of the person in front of you, and it's not the skin you wish you had. After that, you run into the shower to get rid of everything".[1] She also starred in P. J. Hogan's 2003 adaptation of Peter Pan, as Tinkerbell.

In 2005, she recorded a series of introductions for Sky Movies. These included intros to films such as Nelly et Monsieur Arnaud, Swimming Pool, La Nina Santa, Zatoichi and The Barbarian Invasions.

On March 25, 2005, she gave birth to a daughter named Bonnie. The father is French actor Nicolas Duvauchelle.

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