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Real name: Luciana Salazar Ortega. Biography of Luciana Salazar & facts: Though you've probably.


Luciana Salazar Ortega aka Luciana biography

Luciana Salazar birth name:Luciana Salazar Ortega
Luciana Salazar birthday1980-11-07
NicknameLuscious Luciana
Luciana Salazar home townBuenos Aires.
Luciana Salazar assetsBig boobies.
Luciana Salazar vicesPartying
Luciana Salazar height176 cm
Luciana Salazar jobModel, Actress.
Luciana Salazar hobbiesBeing, hot.
Luciana Salazar ethnicity
Luciana Salazar breast size40
Luciana Salazar waist size23
Luciana Salazar hips size39
Luciana Salazar mottoEs mi vida
Real biography: Though you've probably never heard of her, Luciana Salazar is one of the world's most exotic beauties. Her blonde hair belies her Argentinian roots while her massive boobs... well she's got massive boobs.

Life Story

Salazar, like so many beautiful women, started out as a beautiful baby. By the age of four she was in many Argentinian commercials. By 15 she was a blossoming young model. With the help of her Governer/singer uncle Palito Ortega, Salazer broke through to Argentina's mainstream when she landed a gig on the brilliant Argentinian comedy show Pone a Francella. After her gig on the show, the nation united in the belief that Salazar was a mega-hottie and she started getting noticed all around the world.

In February of 2005 Salazar was elected Queen of the Vina Del Mar International Song Festival in Chile. Yeah, you read right: International. Later on that year, keeping with the whole international theme, she was the star of a Peruvian event called Abato Fashion 2005. Much to the pleasure of many a lonely dude, she also made an appearance on Playboy TV's Luli in Love. In 2006 she was elected to be the National Soccer Team's representative in the FIFA World Cup. Representatives around the world were jealous. Currently, Salazar is recording her first album which is almost guaranteed to be better than Brittany Spears' latest effort.

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