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Real name: Lois Pewterschmidt. Biography of Lois Griffin & facts: As established by episodes such.


Lois Pewterschmidt aka Lois biography

Lois Griffin birth name:Lois Pewterschmidt
Lois Griffin birthday1967-01-01
Lois Griffin home townQuahog, RI.
Lois Griffin assetsCILF.
Lois Griffin vicesShes Not Real
Lois Griffin height163 cm
Lois Griffin jobHouse Wife, Piano Teacher.
Lois Griffin hobbies
Lois Griffin ethnicity
Lois Griffin breast size36
Lois Griffin waist size36
Lois Griffin hips size36
Lois Griffin mottoDo you rember the safe word
Real biography: As established by episodes such as "Peter Peter Caviar Eater," Lois Pewterschmidt Griffin was born into a wealthy German American family the Pewterschmidts . Her husband Peter was a towel boy at the family country club. This job eventually leads to Lois falling in love with him because she found his lower class, easy-going silliness more appealing than the stuffy, uptight suitors in her social circle. Lois was crowned Miss Teen Rhode Island and wanted to pursue a modeling career, but her father thought that was beneath the dignity of the family.

Before meeting Peter, Lois had relationships with other men including, but not limited to: J. Geils, the "pyro guy" from the band Whitesnake and Chaim Witz (a.k.a. Gene Simmons of KISS), a fact of which Peter was very proud of when he learned of it in the episode "Road to Europe". Various episodes have referred to Lois's past experiments with lesbianism.

Lois was raised Protestant for which Peter's staunch Roman Catholic stepfather, Francis, despises her; on their wedding day, Francis spray-painted "To a Protestant Whore" underneath the "Just Married" sign on the back of their car. As she gave up her inheritance for Peter, Lois, not surprisingly, has a testy relationship with her father.

Lois teaches piano to supplement the family's income, though spends most of her time caring for her family. Chris was always overweight, even at birth (established in "He's Too Sexy For His Fat"), while her youngest son Stewie is intent on matricide, though she is oblivious to this. As for her eldest child and only daughter, Meg, whom many seem to utterly despise, Lois seems to hate her the least out of the entire family.[citation needed]

In the episode "The Story on Page One", it is hinted that Lois attended (at least for a period) Kent State University in Ohio. This is derived from her comment, "My days in college were so exciting. This one time the National Guard came and shot some of my friends." This is an obvious allusion to the 1970 "Kent State shootings".

After Peter had been lost at sea for a few months and presumed dead, Lois and Brian wed in a sexless marriage of convenience ("Perfect Castaway"). When Peter was finally rescued, Lois was torn between her affection for Peter and her commitment to Brian. Brian understood and divorced Lois, but was annoyed when he discovered right after they divorced, that Lois was apparently one day away from having sex with him, which Brian is apparently desperate for.

Lois has a younger sister, Carol, who has had nine husbands, and at least eight of which have left her, and had a baby boy by her eighth husband. She also has an older brother, Patrick, whom she never knew she had and resides in the local insane asylum, first coming to her knowledge in the fourth season episode "The Fat Guy Strangler". Lois took Patrick out of the asylum and refused to believe he was a serial killer until Brian confronted her with evidence.

Also, as shown in the episode "Untitled Griffin Family History", it is revealed that one of her ancestors had children with Nate Griffin, Peter's black ancestor.

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