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Real name: Liv Rundgren. Biography of Liv Tyler & facts: Liv Tyler looks a lot like her father.


Liv Rundgren aka Liv biography

Liv Tyler birth name:Liv Rundgren
Liv Tyler birthday1977-07-01
Liv Tyler home townPortland, ME and New York, NY.
Liv Tyler assetsCan get stuff off of the top shelf, lips, blue-green eyes, complexion, ultra rare beauty.
Liv Tyler vicesDyslexic,has really big feet (size 10),daddy issues
Liv Tyler height178 cm
Liv Tyler jobActress, Model.
Liv Tyler hobbiesDrawing, Cooking.
Liv Tyler ethnicityMixed
Liv Tyler breast size40
Liv Tyler waist size30
Liv Tyler hips size36
Liv Tyler mottoI don't live a very posh life.
Real biography: Liv Tyler looks a lot like her father, Aerosmith front man Steven Tyler. But that does not stop hundreds of thousands of Gamers worldwide from depositing their loads into a gym sock to DVD freeze frames from the Lord of the Ring’s trilogy.

Life Story

Liv figured out that her mom was lying about who her real father was when, at age 9, she noticed that she looked exactly like Steven Tyler’s other daughter. That would be enough to send most people into a drug fueled pre-adolescent binge that included a rough landing at rehab. But someway or another, Tyler kept her shit together and went on to star in some famous movies. Her cinematic credits of note include Empire Records, That Thing You Do, Armageddon, the Lord of the Rings, and Reign over Me

Tyler was at one point named by People magazine as one of the 50 Most Beautiful Elves in the World. She will be appearing in the forthcoming re-boot of the Hulk franchise, which Marvel is undertaking because Ang Lee’s version had a tepid reception. She's crafting an exceptional career for herself that shows little let up since the Rings trilogy. And as her career deepens, she just keeps getting hotter in a bashful kind of way: divine.

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