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Real name: Linsey Dawn McKenzie. Biography of Linsey Dawn McKenzie & facts: InformationLinsey Dawn.


Linsey Dawn McKenzie aka Linsey biography

SurnameDawn McKenzie
Linsey Dawn McKenzie birth name:Linsey Dawn McKenzie
Linsey Dawn McKenzie birthday1978-07-08
Linsey Dawn McKenzie home townWallington, London, Sutton, England.
Linsey Dawn McKenzie assets36DD after reduction.
Linsey Dawn McKenzie vicesBisexual,had breast reduction taking her from HH cup to a mere DD cup
Linsey Dawn McKenzie height163 cm
Linsey Dawn McKenzie jobPornographic Actress, Glamour Model.
Linsey Dawn McKenzie hobbies
Linsey Dawn McKenzie ethnicity
Linsey Dawn McKenzie breast size36
Linsey Dawn McKenzie waist size24
Linsey Dawn McKenzie hips size34
Linsey Dawn McKenzie mottoLinsey Dawn McKenzie
Real biography: Information

Linsey Dawn McKenzie is a naturally large breasted (at one time 36HH but now 36DD after breast reduction surgery) glamour model and pornographic actress. An alternate spelling for her first name is Linzi, used mainly by British tabloids and magazines in the early part of her career. She has been married twice, and has one child.

Life Story

The youngest of three children, McKenzie grew up in the south London suburb of Wallington with her mother Lesley, her father Tony, her brother Scott, and her sister Alyson. Her mother taught at a local primary school, while her father managed a scaffolding company. Lesley and Tony McKenzie divorced in 1987, when McKenzie was eight years old, and her mother remarried Chris Atkins shortly afterwards.

As a teenager, McKenzie attended Carshalton High School for Girls, where she passed six GCSEs, earning one B, two Ds, and three Es. Although she had intended to pursue a career in the tourism industry after leaving school, she abandoned those plans at the age of sixteen to focus on her modeling career.

As a model, McKenzie is best known for her naturally large breasts. She has reported that her chest began developing when she was twelve years old, that she was wearing a size 34DD brassiere by the time she was fifteen, and that she reached a size 34GG by the age of seventeen.

McKenzie's large breasts had caused her physical discomfort since adolescence. A newspaper profile written when she was sixteen noted that "she often gets backache, her boobs often feel as though they are bruised, and she has to wear extra-supportive bras with wide straps." Her back pain grew particularly acute when her breasts swelled during her pregnancy, and in December 2005, at the age of twenty-seven, she underwent breast reduction surgery, going from bra size 36HH to 36DD. The surgeon who had augmented the breasts of Katie Price (Jordan) to a size 34FF performed McKenzie's £6,500 ($13,000) reduction operation.

As of August 2007, McKenzie's British and U.S. websites are still publishing photosets taken before her breast reduction. It remains unclear whether McKenzie will continue her adult career with her smaller breasts: She has continued to make clothed appearances at adult conventions and trade shows such as LA Erotica and Max Power Live, but she has not posed topless since her surgery. Early in 2006, she told the Sunday Sport that the surgery "means the end of the old Linsey Dawn McKenzie," but did not elaborate.

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