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Real name: Leah Joshi. Biography of Leah Jaye & facts: Born 1 August 1986, in Croydon (UK).She.


Leah Joshi aka Leah biography

Leah Jaye birth name:Leah Joshi
Leah Jaye birthday1986-08-31
Leah Jaye home townCroydon UK.
Leah Jaye assets
Leah Jaye vicesSmoking
Leah Jaye height155 cm
Leah Jaye jobPornographic Actress.
Leah Jaye hobbies
Leah Jaye ethnicityWhite
Leah Jaye breast size36
Leah Jaye waist size28
Leah Jaye hips size38
Leah Jaye mottoI got a phone call from one of my friends asking if I was interested in doing a (hardcore) shoot...did it and haven't looked back since
Real biography: Born 1 August 1986, in Croydon (UK).She started working as a stripper for a few years. After that, she made her way onto softcore adult TV shows in London. She had met a other people that were doing hardcore films and she became curious about the industry. Around that time, she recieved a call from one of my friends asking if she was interested in doing a hardcore shoot, she did it and hasn't "looked back since".She has shot for Teravision, Metro, Adam and Eve, Red Light District, Vouyer Media, Hush Hush, New Sensations and Digital Playground.

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