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Real name: Lauren Martha Baduya Villegas. Biography of Lauren Villegas & facts: Schools (Other.


Lauren Martha Baduya Villegas aka Lauren biography

Lauren Villegas birth name:Lauren Martha Baduya Villegas
Lauren Villegas birthday1989-07-29
Lauren Villegas home townPateros, Metro Manila.
Lauren Villegas assetssweet smile, beautiful voice, curvy body, brains.
Lauren Villegas vicesHarry Potter
Lauren Villegas height158 cm
Lauren Villegas jobstage actress, entrepreneur.
Lauren Villegas hobbiestravelling, dancing, singing, performing&, theater, video, editing.
Lauren Villegas ethnicityAsian
Lauren Villegas breast size30
Lauren Villegas waist size23
Lauren Villegas hips size33
Lauren Villegas mottoI am half witch and half muggle
Real biography:

Schools (Other):Alphabet City, Pateros Catholic School, University of the Philippines - Diliman, Assumption College, Hogwarts =)


student of Hogwarts / thespian in training


P.C.S. Student Coordinating Body 05-06 ; N.B.A.;P.C.S. Thespian Guild (formerly Drama Guild), P.C.S. Lectors and Commentators Ministry, Block C2 of U.P.-AIT.AIMMS. Block1C2.

Hobbies and Interests:

H.potter, travelling, dancing, singing, performing& theater, video editing, (not to mention) sleeping, day outs, night outs and getting to know real challenging and interesting people.

Favorite Books:

Harry Potter and books of Bob Ong!

Favorite Movies:

Harry Potter 1, 2, 3 and 4, etc... i didn't like 5 that much

Favorite Music:

Pop & Country (all the songs in my cellphone... I've finally managed to copy songs into it.)

Favorite TV Shows:

Disney & Nickelodeon, specially LIZZIE McGUIRE, PHIL of the FUTURE, That's So RAVEN...(childish?hehehe)

Zodiac Sign:


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