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Real name: Wendy Lauren Sanchez. Biography of Lauren Sanchez & facts: Image: thumb]] Introduction.


Wendy Lauren Sanchez aka Lauren biography

Lauren Sanchez birth name:Wendy Lauren Sanchez
Lauren Sanchez birthday1969-12-19
Lauren Sanchez home townAlbuquerque, NM.
Lauren Sanchez assetsCurves, smarts, skin.
Lauren Sanchez vices
Lauren Sanchez height171 cm
Lauren Sanchez jobNews anchor, TV host.
Lauren Sanchez hobbies
Lauren Sanchez ethnicityLatino
Lauren Sanchez breast size34
Lauren Sanchez waist size26
Lauren Sanchez hips size37
Lauren Sanchez mottoSo you think you can dance?
Real biography: [[Image: thumb]] Introduction

Lauren Sanchez is perhaps the hottest woman to ever sit behind a news desk. For years she has delighted newshounds in Southern California who thank her for being their anchor. Her talents have extended to film work and hosting TV shows such as "So You Think You Can Dance?" She's also served as a reporter for a sports magazine called "Going Deep." Insert your own joke, please.

Life Story

Lauren arrived on planet earth on a winter day in New Mexico. But the "land of enchantment" bored her so when she was 18, she headed to California, where she attended a community college in lovely Torrance because that was all her parents could afford. In 1998 Sanchez got her first big break when she was one of two finalists to co-host The View with Barbara Walters. Although she didn't win, it boosted her career. And let's be honest, who wants to spend every day with Elizabeth Hasselbeck?She has two sons with Kansas City Chief's All-Pro Tight End Tony Gonzalez. Luckily they're both young enough to not have to witness the putrid offense that they're father is a part of. On July 4, 2007 on Good Day LA, Lauren announced she was going on maternity leave, which is code for "being pregnant." She named her daughter Elanor Patricia, after her mother and mother-in-law, who apparently she must like. In August 2005, she married Hollywood super agent, Patrick Whitesell in an extravagant Malibu wedding, insuring that she will never have to host a dumb FOX TV show ever again.

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