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Real name: Laura Elizabeth Harris. Biography of Laura Harris & facts: Harris is known for her roles.


Laura Elizabeth Harris aka Laura biography

Laura Harris birth name:Laura Elizabeth Harris
Laura Harris birthday1976-11-20
NicknameElizabeth Harris
Laura Harris home townVancouver, British Columbia.
Laura Harris assets
Laura Harris vices
Laura Harris height168 cm
Laura Harris jobActress.
Laura Harris hobbies
Laura Harris ethnicityWhite
Laura Harris breast size32
Laura Harris waist size24
Laura Harris hips size32
Laura Harris motto
Real biography:

Harris is known for her roles as grim reaper Daisy Adair in the cable series Dead Like Me and as Marie Warner in the spy drama 24.

Her film career dates back to 1990 when she appeared in an adaptation of Stephen King's It. She appeared as Marybeth in The Faculty in 1998, and has since gone on to form her own production company with a friend, Rocket Chicken International Pictures, which has produced the film Come Together in which Harris played a leading role. She is sometimes credited as Elizabeth Harris and Laura E. Harris.

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