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Real name: Kate Tunstall. Biography of KT Tunstall & facts: KT Tunstall is a Scottish singer and.


Kate Tunstall aka KT biography

Name: KT
Surname: Tunstall
KT Tunstall birth name: Kate Tunstall
KT Tunstall birthday: 1975-06-23
Nickname: KT
KT Tunstall home town: St Andrews, Scotland.
KT Tunstall assets: Not a Lesbian (not that there is anything wrong with it).
KT Tunstall vices:
KT Tunstall height: 158 cm
KT Tunstall job: Singer-Songwriter.
KT Tunstall hobbies
KT Tunstall ethnicityWhite
KT Tunstall breast size30
KT Tunstall waist size23
KT Tunstall hips size33
KT Tunstall mottoI needed to do something with my name to stick out of the crowd, and as a big PJ Harvey fan, decided to follow her lead.
Real biography: KT Tunstall is a Scottish singer and songwriter who has enjoyed commercial and critical success since, selling over 4 million albums and picking up three BRIT Awards and a Grammy nomination all while not being a lesbian (which was a popular rumor).

Life Story

Tunstall was born in Edinburgh on 23 June 1975, and was adopted eighteen days later. Her birth mother had been born in Edinburgh to a Chinese mother and a Scottish father. KT's birth father, whom she has never met, is Irish. Her adoptive father was a physics lecturer at the University of St Andrews, and her adoptive mother a school teacher. Tunstall's family also included an older brother named Joe and a younger brother named Daniel.She has sung in numerous indie bands, but got her American break when Katharine McPhee asked to sing her song on American Idol. She allowed it to happen even though she hates the show (she is smart, too). She released an acoustic album, KT Tunstall's Acoustic Extravaganza, in May of 2006 and her second album, Drastic Fantastic, in September of 2007 and it reached number 9 on the U.S. charts. She has received several awards including the Q Music Award, Three Brit Awards, the Europena Border Breaker Award, and was nominated for a Grammy (she lost to Christina Aguilera most likely because she wore too many clothes). The drummer in KT's band, Luke Bullen, proposed to Tunstall on Christmas Day 2007 at her family home. The couple wed on September 6, 2008 on the Isle of Skye, overlooking the Atlantic Ocean.

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