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Real name: Carla Carter (Adopted Name). Biography of Kobe Tai & facts: Met a painful end as she.


Carla Carter (Adopted Name) aka Kobe biography

Kobe Tai birth name:Carla Carter (Adopted Name)
Kobe Tai birthday1972-01-15
Kobe Tai home townTai Pei, Taiwan.
Kobe Tai assetsCute feet, incredible legs.
Kobe Tai vices
Kobe Tai height161 cm
Kobe Tai jobPorn Actress (retired).
Kobe Tai hobbiesUnreal, Tournament.
Kobe Tai ethnicity
Kobe Tai breast size34
Kobe Tai waist size23
Kobe Tai hips size33
Kobe Tai mottoActually I had originally spelled it C-O-B-Y, T-Y. And I thought that Coby was just a really awesome name for a girl.
Real biography: Met a painful end as she gave pleasure to an end in Very Bad Things.

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