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Real name: Kizzy Yuanda Constance Getrouw. Biography of Kizzy Getrouw & facts: This Dutch Chick is.


Kizzy Yuanda Constance Getrouw aka Kizzy biography

Name: Kizzy
Surname: Getrouw
Kizzy Getrouw birth name: Kizzy Yuanda Constance Getrouw
Kizzy Getrouw birthday: 1979-02-14
Nickname: Kizzy
Kizzy Getrouw home town: Boston, Massachusetts.
Kizzy Getrouw assets: The biggest, most beautiful eyes, great body, perfect teeth.
Kizzy Getrouw vices:
Kizzy Getrouw height: 166 cm
Kizzy Getrouw job: Actress, TV Reporter, Singer.
Kizzy Getrouw hobbies
Kizzy Getrouw ethnicityBlack
Kizzy Getrouw breast size36
Kizzy Getrouw waist size25
Kizzy Getrouw hips size36
Kizzy Getrouw motto
Real biography:

This Dutch Chick is a TV personality in Boston, and was the Showbiz Reporter on XYtv, CN8 and appeared on E! and VH1.

She was born in Holland, and grew up in Curacao, where as a child she had lead roles in theatrical plays and musicals.Kizzy Getrouw rose to fame as a recording artist and as the host of Wie is er Nieuwsgierig, a children’s TV show. The 1997 CD Cocktail Lamu Lamu on which she collaborated and wrote lyrics, was an instant number one seller in the Netherlands Antilles.

She moved to Boston, Massachusetts after high school, and after representing Curacao at the Caribbean Broadcasting Union Song festival where she placed 2nd runner up.

She graduated from Berklee College of Music in Boston, and also studied musical theater, ballet and acting at the Boston Conservatory and at Emerson College.

Her diverse talent and pleasant personality have captured her viewers for years, yet there is no denying that her striking looks have opened many doors.With her American TV commercials, modeling shows, and as a celebrity Judge at the Miss Boston 2008 Beauty Competition, this Chick will keep us wanting more.

Though many in the Dutch Caribbean still remember her as the Chick who sang ‘Pia di Galina’, Kizzy made a name for herself in TV land, and was ones quoted saying; “Making TV, makes me happy”.

Well, as long as she’s happy, we’re happy to watch.

It is no wonder The Improper Bostonian Magazine put her on their cover, and named her “One of Boston’s Top ten Hottest Bachellorettes”.

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