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Real name: Kimberley Walsh. Biography of Kimberley Walsh & facts: Kimberley Walsh was born on 20th.


Kimberley Walsh aka Kimberley biography

Name: Kimberley
Surname: Walsh
Kimberley Walsh birth name: Kimberley Walsh
Kimberley Walsh birthday: 1981-11-20
Nickname: Kimmi or Kimba
Kimberley Walsh home town: Bradford, England.
Kimberley Walsh assets: Great bum, big lips, pretty face.
Kimberley Walsh vices: Going to the gym
Kimberley Walsh height: 166 cm
Kimberley Walsh job: Singer/Entertainer.
Kimberley Walsh hobbiesShopping, eating, out.
Kimberley Walsh ethnicityWhite
Kimberley Walsh breast size30
Kimberley Walsh waist size24
Kimberley Walsh hips size34
Kimberley Walsh mottoMusic is my life
Real biography:

Kimberley Walsh was born on 20th November 1981 and grew up in the Allerton suburb of Bradford.While she was growing up Kimberley Walsh had stints working as a Waitress, Cleaner and a Drama Teacher.Kimberley got her first taste of fame as a child by starring in various TV adverts. In 2000 Kimberley Walsh auditioned for the role of Maria Sutherland in Coronation Street, but the role was given to Samia Smith (then Samia Ghade).Kimberley Walsh later appeared in the television series “This Is Personal: The Hunt for the Yorkshire Ripper” as Gillian Oldfield, as well as BBC Educational Schools programme “Focus”. In 2001 Kimberley Walsh appeared in the TV program Dream Back as Tracy.In 2002 Kimberley Walsh auditioned for the reality TV show Popstars: The Rivals. Kimberley Walsh and future bandmate Nicola Roberts did not originally make the show’s final ten, but much to the delight of many male viewers was brought back to the competition when an original finalist was found to be over the shows age limit.During the show Kimberley Walsh sang “Unbreak my heart”, “Baby Can I Hold you”, “Emotion” and “Chain Reaction”.Kimberley Walsh became the fourth girl to be voted into Girls Aloud, during the show she became good friends with fellow Girls Aloud bandmate Nadine Coyle.Kimberley Walsh has enjoyed a lot of success with Girls Aloud and is looked up to be millions of children, in 2005, schoolchildren in Bingley named their brand new school bus after Kimberley.Kimberley Walsh was known for her clean cut and homely image, partly due to her long term relationship with Triple 8 singer Justin Scott , however on New Year’s Eve 2005, she was photographed smoking a spliff whilst attending a friends party.She told The Sun newspaper that she got caught up in the moment and was deeply sorry, and that she realised what she did was wrong, especially since she is in a position where young fans look up to her.On June 8th, 2006, Walsh publicly apologised for smoking cannabis, however, it was reported on June 9th, 2006 that Kimberley’s father John denied that Kimberley ever smoked cannabis, and that she was just holding a rolled up cigarette that wasn’t even lit. He also claimed that Victoria Newton at The Sun pressured Kimberley into apologising for something that she hadn’t done, and if she didn’t, then Newton would have made the story worse.Despite this, Kimberley admitted in an interview with The Times on October 20th, 2006 that she did take a couple of puffs on the spliff, but didn’t see the incident as a big deal.The Sexy Kimberley Walsh has gained recognition for her looks and figure, in April 2004, Heat magazine named her toned stomach as the 5th best in the world.Kimberley Walsh has also been ranked in FHM’s “100 Sexiest Females In The World” lists, being placed 44th in 2005 and 66th in 2006.Kimberley Walsh co-hosted the August 25, 2006 episode of The Friday Night Project with Cheryl Cole and Sarah Harding, where she did an impression of Pop Idol and X Factor judge Simon Cowell.Despite a minor blip in the way she is generally perceived by the public, Kimberley Walsh remains ever popular, her fans and many male admirers hope to see Kimberley on their TV screens and local venues for years to come.

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