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Real name: Kiele Sanchez. Biography of Kiele Sanchez & facts: IntroductionWho would have thought.


Kiele Sanchez aka Kiele biography

Kiele Sanchez birth name:Kiele Sanchez
Kiele Sanchez birthday1977-10-13
Kiele Sanchez home townChicago, Ill.
Kiele Sanchez assetsNo longer "Lost".
Kiele Sanchez vicesClaustrophobic
Kiele Sanchez height158 cm
Kiele Sanchez jobActress.
Kiele Sanchez hobbiesPilates, Yoga.
Kiele Sanchez ethnicityNative American
Kiele Sanchez breast size30
Kiele Sanchez waist size23
Kiele Sanchez hips size33
Kiele Sanchez mottoDon't look at me like that
Real biography: Introduction

Who would have thought that anything good would come of the MTV show, Wanna Be a VJ (it certainly wasn't Jesse Farmer)? Kiele Sanchez not only was one of the finalist in 2000, but she has gone on to actually have a career and to marry someone with a better career (nice move).

Life Story

Kiele (pronounced Kee-lee and not Kill) began her acting career at Glenbard North High School in Carol Stream, IL, when she performed in a school production of The Grapes of Wrath. Her performance helped her overcome her stage fright, which she suffered at the time and only three of the audience members went on to kill themselves that night after such a feel good play.In 2000, Sanchez was selected as one of the five finalists in the MTV contest, Who wan't to suck less than you did yesterday, barely, aka Who wants to be a VJ. But it led her to Hollywood, because, life certainly can't suck in a place where gas costs $3.87 a gallon. Once in L.A., she auditioned and landed roles in the short-lived drama series That Was Then and the sitcom Married to the Kellys. In 2003, Kiele appeared in the film Stuck on You allong side Eva Mendes. She joined the cast of the hit ABC show Lost for the series' third season, as Nikki Fernandez, but due to fan responses to her character, she was killed off thus forcing the writers to figure out how to get more people on the isolated/deserted island.

She is engaged to writer and film director Zach Helm so she should not have too much of a problem living comfortably (after all the guy did write Stranger Than Fiction).

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