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Real name: Kiana Tom. Biography of Kiana Tom & facts: IntroductionWith her chisled abs and rock.


Kiana Tom aka Kiana biography

Kiana Tom birth name:Kiana Tom
Kiana Tom birthday1965-03-14
NicknameESPN's Fitness Queen
Kiana Tom home townMaui, Hawaii.
Kiana Tom assetsrock hard abs.
Kiana Tom vicessteriods
Kiana Tom height173 cm
Kiana Tom jobFitness model/expert, Author.
Kiana Tom hobbiesplaying, piano, &, tennis.
Kiana Tom ethnicityMixed
Kiana Tom breast size36
Kiana Tom waist size23
Kiana Tom hips size34
Kiana Tom mottoOne more, come on. All you, all you. Good set.
Real biography: Introduction

With her chisled abs and rock hard titties, nobody could get flabby men hard like Kiana Tom.

Life Story

Born in Maui, Hawaii, she is the daughter of Chinese American child actor, Layne Tom Jr. She is part Chinese, Hawaiian and Irish. She was a cheerleader for the Los Angeles Raiders before becoming a TV personality.


She was an original member of the ESPN fitness show "BodyShaping" until 1995 when she left to host "Kiana's Flex Appeal". Being that she was the only reason anybody watched "BodyShaping" in the first place, her show eventually became the more popular one. She has written a number of books on the subject of physical fitness and in May of 2002 she posed for Playboy magazine. In adition to hosting, she has made a few appearances on screen as an actress, most notably in Universal Soldier: The Return.

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