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Real name: Keri Sable. Biography of Keri Sable & facts: According to an AVN interview, she had.


Keri Sable aka Keri biography

Keri Sable birth name:Keri Sable
Keri Sable birthday1986-04-28
Keri Sable home townBuffalo, New York.
Keri Sable assets|.
Keri Sable vicesEverything
Keri Sable height171 cm
Keri Sable jobPornstar.
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Keri Sable ethnicityWhite
Keri Sable breast size34
Keri Sable waist size23
Keri Sable hips size33
Keri Sable motto|

Real biography: According to an AVN interview, she had planned to get breast implants in November 2005 as part of an attempt to shift her image from lolita roles in gonzo films to big budget contract work with Wicked.[6] However in late-2005, Sable suddenly retired from the adult industry without fulfilling her contractual obligations to Wicked. Initially, it was reported that Sable was going to move back to the east coast to continue her education,[3] but she did not do so. Sable instead moved to San Diego to live with her parents, claiming she was solely responsible for her decision to leave the porn business.[7]

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