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Real name: Vivian Chen Wai Man. Biography of Kelly Chen & facts: IntrodutionKelly Chen is a Hong.


Vivian Chen Wai Man aka Kelly biography

Kelly Chen birth name:Vivian Chen Wai Man
Kelly Chen birthday1972-09-13
Kelly Chen home townHong Kong.
Kelly Chen assetsVoice.
Kelly Chen vices
Kelly Chen height173 cm
Kelly Chen jobSinger.
Kelly Chen hobbies
Kelly Chen ethnicityAsian
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Real biography: Introdution

Kelly Chen is a Hong Kong Cantopop singer and actress. She is also credited as Chen Huilin, Wai-Lam Chan, Kelly Chan and Wai Lun Chen.

Life Story

After finishing her graphic design studies from New York, Kelly Chen came back to Hong Kong to pursue her career, and was introduced to one of her friend’s friend that owned a production studio. However at that moment there was no vacancy at the studio and Kelly was asked to do some audition instead.

Kelly Chen was picked to feature in superstar Jacky Cheung’s MV and later on started to feature in commercial ads in Shanghai. Her refreshing look was fast in capturing the eyes of audiences and movie producers…

She later made her movie debut “Whatever Will Be, Will Be” in August 1995 alongside Aaron Kwok and sang the movie theme song. Kelly then released a compilation album “Break The Sky” in September 1995 with another 3 new stars.

Kelly continued her stardom across Asia both in acting and singing; her achievement in singing is however much successful then acting. She is one of the very few Chinese that released Japanese album and was quite well received by the Japanese fans. Kelly also appeared in one of the Japanese TV dramas.

When not acting or singing, Kelly is also famous for her involvement in various charities like ambassador for Red Crescent and UNICEF. She also established the ‘Kelly Chen Children Education Fund’, hoping to help more and more needy children.

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