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Real name: Kelli Brianne Garner. Biography of Kelli Garner & facts: Ever since her role as a drug.


Kelli Brianne Garner aka Kelli biography

Kelli Garner birth name:Kelli Brianne Garner
Kelli Garner birthday1984-04-11
Kelli Garner home townBakersfield, California.
Kelli Garner assetsGinormous (and real) boobs, Luscious lips.
Kelli Garner vicesMusic
Kelli Garner height166 cm
Kelli Garner jobActress.
Kelli Garner hobbiesWriting, music, Playing, guitar.
Kelli Garner ethnicity
Kelli Garner breast size36
Kelli Garner waist size23
Kelli Garner hips size33
Kelli Garner mottoI don't really feel like I've hit fame. There's no goal. There's no stopping.
Real biography: Ever since her role as a drug addicted teen in the controversial Docu-Drama Bully, Kelli Garner has been steadily climbing the ladder of succes in Hollywood.

Life Story

Garner was born in Bakersfield, Komifornia, but was raised in Thousand Oaks, Komifornia. While attending a friend's Bar Mitzva at the age of 16, Garner was spotted by an agent and her career was born. In 1999 she made her film debut in a short film called Architecture of Reassurance. The movie was a selection at the Sundance Film Festival, which garnered Garner some serious attention. Garner's first feature film came in 2001, where she played Heather Swallers, the drug fiend, in Bully. Following Bully, Garner did work on several independent movies and had guest roles on the TV shows Grounded for Life and Law & Order: Special Victims Unit.

In 2004, Garner got the role of a lifetime when she was cast as Faith Domergue in The Aviator which, if you live under a rock, was directed by the legendary Martin Scorcese. Shifting from drama to comedy, Garner was one of the few bright spots in 2005's Man of the House. Recently, Garner has been in more indie movies but in 2007, she was in another major release: Lars and the Real Girl, where she played the real girl. Upcoming movies for Gardner include a thriller called Red Velvet and an animated movie called G-Force.

In her free time, Gardner enjoys playing the guitar and writing songs.

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