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Real name: Kei Yasuda. Biography of Kei Yasuda & facts: Kei Yasuda (born December 6, 1980 in Chiba.


Kei Yasuda aka Kei biography

Kei Yasuda birth name:Kei Yasuda
Kei Yasuda birthday1980-12-06
Kei Yasuda home townChiba, Japan.
Kei Yasuda assetsVoice, humor.
Kei Yasuda vices
Kei Yasuda height161 cm
Kei Yasuda jobSinger.
Kei Yasuda hobbiesFlute, kanji, drills, drawing, photography, saxophone, electric, organ.
Kei Yasuda ethnicityAsian
Kei Yasuda breast size30
Kei Yasuda waist size26
Kei Yasuda hips size35
Kei Yasuda mottoI am not your grandma!
Real biography:

Kei Yasuda (born December 6, 1980 in Chiba, Japan) is a Japanese singer and former second-generation member of the Hello! Project mothership, Morning Musume. Yasuda joined the group in 1998, and graduated in 2003. She is famously known as the "grandma" of the group, and is the frequent target of jokes from TV hosts and other members. She's taken it all in stride, though, and no one can deny that while she may give small children nightmares, she's one of the most talented Momusu girls ever.


Yasuda joined Morning Musume in 1998, along with Mari Yaguchi and [[Sayaka Ichii] as part of the second generation. She first appeared on the group's second single, "Summer Night Town."

Kei and Ichii sang a duet together on the Second Morning album. It was received so well that Tsunku put them in a trio with newcomer Maki Goto in 1999. They became known as Pucchimoni. Ichii would leave in 2000, and Kei became the leader until her departure from the unit in 2002.

After graduating Morning Musume in 2003, Kei is still active in the Project. She often works with Yuko Nakazawa, particularly on the Folk Songs albums until their end in 2004. She still works in dramas and musicals.

Yasuda also appears outside of H!P-related activities. Because of her skill with several instruments, she often accompanies herself or others in acoustic performances.

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