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Real name: Celine Joëlle Tran. Biography of Katsumi & facts: Katsuni is French, of.


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Surname: Katsumi
Katsumi birth name: Celine Joëlle Tran
Katsumi birthday: 1979-04-07
Nickname: Katsuni
Katsumi home town: Lyon, France.
Katsumi assets:
Katsumi vices:
Katsumi height: 166 cm
Katsumi job: Pornographic Actress.
Katsumi hobbies
Katsumi ethnicityMixed
Katsumi breast size34
Katsumi waist size25
Katsumi hips size33
Katsumi motto2007: AVN Award for Female Foreign Performer of the Year
Real biography: Katsuni is French, of French/Vietnamese heritage. Her father is Vietnamese and her mother's family is French.

She has won 28 awards in both Europe and the United States. She works both in France and Los Angeles. She has won four anal sex awards, including the 2004 "Best Anal Sex Scene" NINFA award at The International Erotic Film Festival in Barcelona, and three AVN "Best Anal Sex Scene" awards in 2004, 2005, and 2006. Some of her other awards include "Best Foreign Couple Scene" (2003 and 2004), "Best Lesbian Scene" (2004), "Best Tease Performance" (2006), and "Best Actress" (10 awards). In the beginning of 2007 she signed an exclusive contract with Digital Playground. During that time she also received breast implants.

Katsuni has appeared in Penthouse magazine.

She originally went by the stage name Katsumi, but she was barred by a French judge in January 2007 from using that name after a woman named Mary Katsumi sued, due to the closeness to her own name. In October 2007 Katsuni was fined 20,000 euros for violations of the ban on using the name "Katsumi".

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