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Real name: Karina Smirnoff. Biography of Karina Smirnoff & facts: Born on March 13, 1978, Karina.


Karina Smirnoff aka Karina biography

Karina Smirnoff birth name:Karina Smirnoff
Karina Smirnoff birthday1978-03-13
Karina Smirnoff home townKharkiv.
Karina Smirnoff assetsLegs.
Karina Smirnoff vicesBikini Tops,Broken Nose and Mario Lopez
Karina Smirnoff height166 cm
Karina Smirnoff jobProfessional Dancer.
Karina Smirnoff hobbies
Karina Smirnoff ethnicityWhite
Karina Smirnoff breast size30
Karina Smirnoff waist size22
Karina Smirnoff hips size34
Karina Smirnoff mottoI really want to find that certain person to spend the rest my life with. And I am totally open for that - so any single, good guys send in your resume!
Real biography: Born on March 13, 1978, Karina Smirnoff is an international dancing sensation from Kharkiv, Ukraine. She is a graduate of Fordham University, where she majored in both economics and information system programming. Smirnoff originally wanted to go to law school, but instead, her passion for dancing led her to win the US Open thrice, the Asian Open twice and the Dutch Open and the US National Professional Championships five times. She has trained under famous dance coaches such as Espen Salsberg, Donnie Burns, Tone Nyhagen and Ralf Lepehne, and was given a small role in the dance movie Shall We Dance?, where she shared the screen with fellow dancer Tony Dovolani .

Karina Smirnoff first participated in the ABC reality series, Dancing with the Stars, during the show’s third season. She was paired with actor Mario Lopez and ultimately placed second, losing to the tandem of dancer Cheryl Burke and NFL star Emmitt Smith . After the season wrapped, Smirnoff and Lopez began dating, and are currently living together. For the fourth season, Smirnoff was paired with singer and actor Billy Ray Cyrus , where they finished fifth. For the fifth season, she was paired with boxer Floyd Mayweather, Jr. where they were the fourth couple eliminated. On season 6, Smirnoff was paired with R&B singer Mario and eliminated in week 8.

Karina had plastic surgery on her twice-broken nose. A doctor performed the routine procedure to repair the nasal passageway and reshape Smirnoff's nose, which she's broken twice in accidents in the past six years.

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