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Real name: Katherine Dee Strickland. Biography of KaDee Strickland & facts: KaDee Strickland has.


Katherine Dee Strickland aka KaDee biography

KaDee Strickland birth name:Katherine Dee Strickland
KaDee Strickland birthday1977-12-14
KaDee Strickland home townPatterson, Georgia.
KaDee Strickland assetsCute Accent, Classic Southern Belle.
KaDee Strickland vicesHorror Films
KaDee Strickland height166 cm
KaDee Strickland jobActress.
KaDee Strickland hobbiesArt, Studying, asian, culture.
KaDee Strickland ethnicityWhite
KaDee Strickland breast size34
KaDee Strickland waist size23
KaDee Strickland hips size33
KaDee Strickland mottoI love wine, especially a yummy bottle of red. I have a glass once or twice a week.
Real biography: KaDee Strickland has fans across all genres. From horror to sports movies, Strickland has added a southern flair to make them super hot.

Life Story

Strickland was raised in the small town of Patterson, Georgia. As a youth she worked on local tobacco farms for over eight years. Strickland was the most popular girl in school, winning homecoming queen in High School. After high school, the queen moved to Philadelphia to study acting. Once she graduated college, she moved to New York and then LA to start her acting career. She started off in small roles in movies like The Sixth Sense and Girl Interrupted, but slowly gained bigger roles.

2004 was a career year for Strickland, when she found a niche in the genre of horror movies, starring in The Grudge and Anachondas: The Hunt for the Blood Orchid." She also had a role in The Stepford Wives that year. In 2005, Strickland showed she had more than horror movies in her blood when she played the zany friend in Fever Pitch. Once these movies were released, much to the dismay of the runner-up for her homecoming queen award, Strickland was declared "The Pride of Patterson," her hometown. Her most recent role was in the critically acclaimed American Gangster which starred Russel Crowe and Denzel Washington. Strickland has also had roles on the TV shows Private Practice and The Wedding Bells.

In 2006 Strickland married her Grudge co-star Jason Behr.

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