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Real name: Julia Stegner. Biography of Julia Stegner & facts: Julia Stegner is only 23 years old.


Julia Stegner aka Julia biography

Julia Stegner birth name:Julia Stegner
Julia Stegner birthday1984-11-02
NicknameBean Bar
Julia Stegner home townMunich, Germany.
Julia Stegner assetsLong legs, Beatiful eyes.
Julia Stegner vicesFur
Julia Stegner height181 cm
Julia Stegner jobModel.
Julia Stegner hobbiesModeling, Basketball.
Julia Stegner ethnicityWhite
Julia Stegner breast size34
Julia Stegner waist size24
Julia Stegner hips size35
Julia Stegner mottoStanding before a camera isn't intimidating. It's more comfortable for me. I enjoy it now. I'm more aware of what to do.
Real biography: Julia Stegner is only 23 years old, but already she's been the face of some of the world's hottest brands. She also could probably be in the WNBA, but thank God she's not.

Life Story

Stegner was born in Munich, Germany to affluent parents, who had an animal loving household. From a young age Stegner's beauty was apparent, so she started doing modeling for children's catalogues. She also appeared in various German TV commercials. As a child she also studied dance for nine years. However, once she hit high school Stegner found a new love: basketball. Her height made her dominant, especially in the weak German ranks of girl's club basketball. At the age of 15 Stegner was discovered by a modeling agencey while she was partying at that great celebration of beer and brats: Oktoberfest. It's a good thing the modeling scouts got to her before the WNBA did, otherwise we might have lost out on this beauty forever.

After high school Stegner skipped out on her original plans to study accounting and moved straight to Paris to begin modeling full time. Before long she appeared on the cover of ELLE Magazine, signed with a major management company, and opened up one of the biggest fashion shows of the year. Stegner is now sought after by fashion companies like Wii is sought after by 10 year olds. She's done shoots for Ralph Lauren, Dior, Versace, and Valentino. In 2005 and 2006, Stegner graced millions of TV screens when she appeared in the Victoria's Secret fashion show.

Stegner has also appeared prestigious Pirelli calandar half nude. She also is one of the top fur models in the world. Take that PETA! Currently, Stegner is the face of Hugo Boss.

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