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Real name: Joscelyn Eve Stoker. Biography of Joss Stone & facts: Since her explosion onto the music.


Joscelyn Eve Stoker aka Joss biography

Joss Stone birth name:Joscelyn Eve Stoker
Joss Stone birthday1987-04-11
Joss Stone home townKent, England.
Joss Stone assetsSoulful voice, all around hotness.
Joss Stone vicesBrainless Obamabot
Joss Stone height171 cm
Joss Stone jobSinger.
Joss Stone hobbiesSinging, her, dogs, PETA.
Joss Stone ethnicityWhite
Joss Stone breast size34
Joss Stone waist size24
Joss Stone hips size34
Joss Stone mottoPeople forget what it was like to be young, the stuff I'm expressing now is for the first time.
Real biography: Since her explosion onto the music scene in 2003, Joss Stone has been one of the most soulful singers out there. One of the hottest too.

Life Story

Joss Stone was raised in the English country with three siblings. She was raised listening to soul singers like Jackie Wilson and Aretha Franklin. When she was 14 Stone auditioned for a BBC talent show calle Star for a Night. She won, singing ballads by Franklin and Whitney Houston. At the age of 16 she dropped out of school due to dyslexia. Good thing dyslexia doesn't apply to having soul. In 2002 Stone got her big break when she flew to New York City to audition for the CEO of S-Curve Records, Steve Greenberg, whose biggest previous musical discovery was the Baha Men. Greenberg's judgement proved better than before, and he signed Stone to a deal. Her debut album, The Soul Sessions, was mainly an album of covers and was recieved positively.

Stone followed up her debut in 2004 with Mind, Body, and Soul. The album had several top ten singles. Hir third effort, Introducing Joss Stone came out in March of 2007. It was the first album that featured extensive content written by Stone. In 2006, Stone made her film debut when she played the role of Angela in the dragon movie Eragon. In 2007, Stone shared a grammy award with Sly & the Family Stone, Van Hunt, and John Legend for the song Family Affair.

Speaking of affairs, Stone's had a few. And they tend to be with older men. When she was seventeen she moved in with her boyfriend, 25 year old producer Beau Dozier. After their breakup, it's been rumored that she's been dated Raphael Saadiq, a music producer who is in his 40's. But hey, Celine Dion's husband is 98, so who says it can't be done?

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