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Real name: Jodie Lee Ann Sweetin. Biography of Jodie Sweetin & facts: Image:Jodie-sweetin-busting.


Jodie Lee Ann Sweetin aka Jodie biography

Jodie Sweetin birth name:Jodie Lee Ann Sweetin
Jodie Sweetin birthday1982-01-19
Jodie Sweetin home townLos Angeles, California.
Jodie Sweetin assetsNatural Beauty, she''s only 26, recovered meth adict, new boobs.
Jodie Sweetin vicesused meth
Jodie Sweetin height168 cm
Jodie Sweetin jobActress.
Jodie Sweetin hobbiessnowboarding, horseback, riding, bicycle, roller-blading, skiing, and, surfing.
Jodie Sweetin ethnicityWhite
Jodie Sweetin breast size36
Jodie Sweetin waist size25
Jodie Sweetin hips size34
Jodie Sweetin mottoHow Rude
Real biography: Image:Jodie-sweetin-busting-out-2 small 737.jpg

Sweetin first stepped into show business by appearing in an Oscar Mayer hot dog commercial when she was four years old. Her debut role was in The Hogan Family in 1987, in which she played Pamela, the niece of Mrs. Poole. She also provided the voice of Sally Brown in It's Christmastime Again, Charlie Brown. Jeff Franklin cast her as Stephanie Tanner in Full House in 1987, and she was on the show until its cancelation in 1995. After the show's finale, Sweetin went to high school and college. She married Shaun Holguin, a Los Angeles police officer, when she was 20 years old. At the age of 20 she also became addicted to methamphetamine and it wasn't until she passed out from cardiac arrhythmia, hypothermia, and irregular breathing that she got the help she needed. In 2006, she spent six weeks at the "Promises" rehabilitation clinic and she was finally able to quit her habit. This also meant the breakdown of her marriage. Sweetin hosted the second season of the Fuse TV show Pants-Off Dance-Off. She is now starring in a much-anticipated[citation needed] TV pilot, titled Small Bits of Happiness, a dark comedy centered around a suicide prevention specialist.

Jodie is expecting her first child with her second husband Cody Herpin. Her due date is April 6, 2008. On January 15th 2008 Jodie announced that she was expecting a little girl, just as she had hoped.

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