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Real name: Jillian Grace Harper. Biography of Jillian Grace & facts: IntroductionJillian Grace is a.


Jillian Grace Harper aka Jillian biography

Jillian Grace birth name:Jillian Grace Harper
Jillian Grace birthday1985-12-20
Jillian Grace home townWashington, MO.
Jillian Grace assets
Jillian Grace vices
Jillian Grace height166 cm
Jillian Grace jobPlaymate, Actress.
Jillian Grace hobbies
Jillian Grace ethnicityWhite
Jillian Grace breast size36
Jillian Grace waist size24
Jillian Grace hips size36
Jillian Grace mottoHeres Jillian
Real biography: Introduction

Jillian Grace is a Playboy Playmate and actress. She also got knocked up by comedian David Spade.

Life Story

Jillian Grace Harper was Playboy's Playmate of the Month for March 2005. She landed her gig with Playboy after appearing on The Howard Stern Show and posing for test shots, taken by members of the Stern crew. This occurred soon after graduating from high school in the town where she grew up, Washington, Missouri.

In subsequent appearances on the Howard Stern show, Grace talked about her briefly dating comedian Pauly Shore and 7th Heaven actor David Gallagher.

Jillian reappeared on the Playboy scene with a Playmate Xtra feature on Playboy's internet Cyber-Club for the month of December 2007. It featured 4 new photo sets and 4 new videos.

On his radio show on January 16, 2008, Howard Stern mentioned that TMZ reported that Jillian was pregnant. The father of the baby is allegedly actor/comedian David Spade, with whom Grace had a brief relationship for several months. Stern commented he feels responsible for Grace's "Hollywood corruption" as he revealed the news on his Sirius Satellite Radio show. She later announced on her website that she was pregnant with Spade's baby and was due to give birth on Labor Day. Based on her baby registry at Toys "R" Us, it is believed that Grace will be giving birth to a baby girl.

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