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Real name: Jessica York. Biography of Jessica York & facts: Jessica hosted the show PlayMania on.


Jessica York aka Jessica biography

Jessica York birth name:Jessica York
Jessica York birthday1976-09-19
Jessica York home townDenver, CO.
Jessica York assetsPuns, Smile.
Jessica York vices
Jessica York height171 cm
Jessica York jobTV Host.
Jessica York hobbies
Jessica York ethnicityWhite
Jessica York breast size34
Jessica York waist size25
Jessica York hips size36
Jessica York motto
Real biography: Jessica hosted the show PlayMania on the Game Show Network from October 2006 until the end of the program in October 2007.Previously, she was a weather forecaster in Portland, Maine and worked for the TVG Network.Later, she became the host of New Spaces on HGTV. Currently, she is a host for the Resort Sports Network. Jessica was nominated for a regional Emmy for her work on RSN.In 2007 Jessica appeared on the Rachel Ray show as the travel correspondent.

Outside of television, Jessica has worked as a physical fitness trainer and has released a home exercise video.

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