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Real name: Jessica Stroup. Biography of Jessica Stroup & facts: IntroductionJessica Stroup is an.


Jessica Stroup aka Jessica biography

Jessica Stroup birth name:Jessica Stroup
Jessica Stroup birthday1986-10-23
Jessica Stroup home townAnderson, South Carolina.
Jessica Stroup assetsCute and sexy at the same time.
Jessica Stroup vicesToo Anorexic
Jessica Stroup height168 cm
Jessica Stroup jobActress, Model.
Jessica Stroup hobbiesClemson, Tiger, Football.
Jessica Stroup ethnicityWhite
Jessica Stroup breast size32
Jessica Stroup waist size23
Jessica Stroup hips size32
Jessica Stroup motto
Real biography: Introduction

Jessica Stroup is an All-American girl who hails from the buckle of the Bible Belt. But she's no angel, we assure you. Don't ask us how we know. We'll never tell.

Life Story

Jessica Stroup was born on October 23, 1986 in Anderson, South Carolina. She grew up watching Clemson Tiger football games and battling humidity and bugs during the South Carolina summers. She began modeling and acting during the early 2000s. Since then, she has had numerous modeling jobs and acting roles. She soon moved to Los Angeles, California, where she currently resides.Jessica was originally up for the role of 'Zoe' in I'll Always Know What You Did Last Summer, but was already busy filming Vampire Bats. As bad movies go, six of one, half dozen of another. As of 2007, Jessica plays 'Cady', the Devil's daughter and the love interest of Sam Oliver in the TV series Reaper. Some of her other roles include Prom Night with Brittany Snow, Jana Kramer and Rachel Specter, October Road, This Christmas (which is apparently about Christmas), The Hills Have Eyes II, Grey's Anatomy, Broken, Southern Comfort and Unfabulous, in which she was actually fabulous. In 2006 she shared a lesbian kiss with Heather Graham in the film Broken (2006).She currently stars, along with Shenae Grimes and AnnaLynne McCord, in the new CW show 90210 which began in September 2008. Her next film, The Informers (2008), will be released on October 31, 2008 and will also star Winona Ryder and Amber Heard.

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