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Real name: Jessica Schwarz. Biography of Jessica Schwarz & facts: Date of Birth5 May 1977, Erbach.


Jessica Schwarz aka Jessica biography

Jessica Schwarz birth name:Jessica Schwarz
Jessica Schwarz birthday1977-05-05
Jessica Schwarz home townErbach, Germany.
Jessica Schwarz assets
Jessica Schwarz vices
Jessica Schwarz height173 cm
Jessica Schwarz jobActress.
Jessica Schwarz hobbies
Jessica Schwarz ethnicityWhite
Jessica Schwarz breast size30
Jessica Schwarz waist size28
Jessica Schwarz hips size43
Jessica Schwarz mottoJessica Schwarz
Real biography:

Date of Birth5 May 1977, Erbach, Germany

Height5' 8½" (1.74 m)

Trade MarkHusky voice

TriviaWas engaged to Daniel Brühl [2001-2006].

Met fiance while working on Nichts bereuen (2001)

While doing a special show with "SClub7" in a Scottish hotel, she was discovered as an actress

Owns the cat Scully, named after Gillian Anderson's character on "The X Files" (1993).

After winning a beauty contest of German teen magazine "Bravo Girl" in 1993, she left her hometown to work as a model. She later said that this period of her life was superficial and she didn`t find real good friends in the business.

Told "Neon" magazine that she is a very complicated and chaotic person. During her teen years, she was a member of the local gothic scene for nearly a year and often thought about suicide. Even today, she always tries to exceed borders because she hates getting bored (2004).

Seperated from Daniel Brühl in 2006.

Opened a small hotel in her hometown Michelstadt together with her sister.

Lives in Berlin.

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