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Real name: Jessica Makinson. Biography of Jessica Makinson & facts: Bio Jessica was born in Tempe.


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Jessica Makinson birth name:Jessica Makinson
Jessica Makinson birthday1977-01-01
Jessica Makinson home townTempe, Arizona.
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Jessica Makinson height176 cm
Jessica Makinson jobActress.
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Jessica Makinson breast size30
Jessica Makinson waist size23
Jessica Makinson hips size33
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Real biography: Bio

Jessica was born in Tempe, Arizona. She was an only child who loved waterskiing and pretending. She graduated from Arizona State University in 2000 with a B.A. in theatre. Although studying sounded fantastic, A.S.U. is where she began doing sketch and improv. Soon after graduating, Jessica moved to Los Angeles where she studied at Improv Olympic, going on to become a stand-out performer in groups like Brand X, King Ten, and Squadron.A go-to girl for Trey Parker and Matt Stone, Jessica guest starred on their political sitcom send-up, "That's My Bush" and has contributed voices to their infamous animation, "South Park." She has also contributed sketches and characters to ABC's "Jimmy Kimmel Live," CBS' "Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson" and Showtime's "The Underground."In 2003, she starred in a season of COMEDY CENTRAL's improv/hidden camera series, "Trigger Happy TV," before landing the role of Eleanor (the weeper) on Spike TV's 2004 reality parody, "Joe Schmo 2." The following year, she starred in two pilots, "The Hollywood Show" for COMEDY CENTRAL (playing a mock reporter) and "The Sportsmen's News" for the Outdoor Channel (playing a mock news co-anchor). Makinson is currently starring in the role of Carly Barzak in the COMEDY CENTRAL series, "Halfway Home." She is proud to be playing the first female comedy drug mule on television.(source: http://www.comedycentral.com/press/bios/jessicamakinson.jhtml?series=80439)

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