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Real name: Jennifer Lynette Sterger. Biography of Jenn Sterger & facts: Jenn Sterger may be one of.


Jennifer Lynette Sterger aka Jenn biography

Jenn Sterger birth name:Jennifer Lynette Sterger
Jenn Sterger birthday1983-11-29
NicknameThe Cowgirl,Broadway Bombshell
Jenn Sterger home townMiami.
Jenn Sterger assetsAll around package, Hot face, Beautiful chesticles.
Jenn Sterger vicesWent to FSU (for all the Miami and Florida fans out there)
Jenn Sterger height161 cm
Jenn Sterger jobNY Jets Gameday Host, Writer, Being hot, Television Host.
Jenn Sterger hobbiesBeing, hot, going, to, football, games, scantily, clad.
Jenn Sterger ethnicityWhite
Jenn Sterger breast size36
Jenn Sterger waist size24
Jenn Sterger hips size34
Jenn Sterger mottoWhy sink to your level... when I can rise to the occasion?
Real biography: Jenn Sterger may be one of the hottest girls to ever fly under the radar, but in the fall of 2005 her life was forever changed. After going to the Miami-Florida State football game (barely) dressed like a cowgirl and appearing on national TV, she became a national sensation.

Life Story

Sterger was born in the land of hot women: Miami. She didn't stay there long, moving to Tampa and then to Pennsylvania, before moving back to Tampa. As a youth, Sterger was passionate about something most hot girls scoff at: marching band. She began playing the flute in the seventh grade, and never looked back. By her sophomore year of high school, Sterger was a star in the high school band and even did some training at the school that would make her famous: Florida State. Sterger stayed true to the greatest marching band stereotype there is: band camp. Another hobby of Sterger's in high school was bowling. At her local lanes her career is well documented, with plaques with her name on them all over the walls.

Sterger first attended college at the University of South Florida in Tampa. After two years of living at home and commuting to school, she decided to spread her wings and head to Florida State University. On September 5th 2005, Sterger caught America's attention when she and two friends became known as The FSU Cowgirls for their extremely hot cowgirl costumes at the Florida State-Miami game that year. During that game, TV announcer Brent Musberger accurately assessed that, "5,000 young red-blooded American men just signed up to go to Florida State next semester." Unfortunately none of them had a chance with Sterger.

Following her immediate rise to fame, Sterger posed for Maxim and Playboy magazines, and worked for CNNSI.com shooting vidoes and writing columns. She has been a part of two ABC television shows, 2007's Holiday with the Stars, and the six-part college basketbal series 'Race to March Madness'. Sterger's also filmed roles in two movies, The Tenant and another unnamed film.In January of 2008, Sterger was featured on E!'s Byte Me: 20 Hottest Women of the Web. She was #19.She is currently working for the New York Jets as "Gameday Host".

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