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Real name: Jennifer Tserng. Biography of Jen Tserng & facts: Jen Tserng is a doctor who earned her.


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Jen Tserng birth name:Jennifer Tserng
Jen Tserng birthday
Jen Tserng home townStrongsville, OH.
Jen Tserng assetsHas "huge tracts of land" & is way smarter than you are.
Jen Tserng vicesDoes not suffer fools gladly
Jen Tserng height cm
Jen Tserng jobDoctor.
Jen Tserng hobbiesRescuing, dogs.
Jen Tserng ethnicityAsian
Jen Tserng breast size
Jen Tserng waist size
Jen Tserng hips size
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Real biography: Jen Tserng is a doctor who earned her MD from the Medical College of Ohio. She served her residency in Pathology at the Medical College of Ohio in Toledo. Dr. Tserng earned her Bachelor of Arts in Chemistry and Zoology from Miami University of Ohio.

Before that she was a cheerleader for the Cleveland Cavaliers (NBA), Detroit Pistons (NBA), Columbus Bombshells (arena football league) and Cleveland Force indoor soccer team.

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