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Real name: Jemma Griffith. Biography of Jemma Griffiths & facts: Genres: Electronica, Folk-Pop.


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Jemma Griffiths birth name:Jemma Griffith
Jemma Griffiths birthday1975-05-18
Jemma Griffiths home townPanath Wales.
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Jemma Griffiths height171 cm
Jemma Griffiths jobsinger.
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Jemma Griffiths breast size30
Jemma Griffiths waist size28
Jemma Griffiths hips size33
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Real biography: Genres: Electronica, Folk-Pop, RockYears active: 2002-presentZodiac sign: TaurusHair: brownEyes: brownSiblings: Chloe, Georgia, JustinStudies: law degreeExperience: she worked as DJ agentLabel: ATO Records

Official site: http://www.jem-music.net


Jemma Griffiths (born 18th May 1975 in Penarth, Wales), better known as Jem, is a singer-songwriter known for her eclectic musical stylings. Her debut album has defied the categorization of some music critics with a fusion of genres. While some of her songs are straight up rock ballads, some of her tracks verge on electronica and trip-hop. Her throaty, mellow voice draws immediate comparisons to Imogen Heap, Beth Orton and to a lesser extent Dido. However, Jem herself prefers to let her musical work stand on its own, rather than be compared to other artists.

Along with electronic producer Guy Sigsworth (Bjork, Frou Frou), she wrote the song "Nothing Fails", which was later reworked by Madonna and appeared on her 2003 "American Life" album.

Although she began singing and writing songs since she was thirteen, she decided to head into law and attended Sussex University. However, she spent less time and energy on studies and focused on being a DJ agent (although she did eventually receive a degree in law). There in Brighton, she spent a lot of time promoting club nights, and helped set-up and run the specialist breaks label Marine Parade.

According to an interview article published on The Sun Online, Jem said she "went to class as little as [she] could without being kicked out!".Jem

Jem left everything behind in November of 1999 and assembled a mobile studio where she further developed her songwriting and music production skills. During this period, she completed four demos that would eventually setup her career in the music industry.

From there, she moved to London where she collaborated with Guy Sigsworth, and then to Brooklyn to work with Ge-Ology (Mos Def, Talib Kweli). In the autumn of 2002 she met Yoad Nevo, who is now currently her co-producer.

Jem's solo career began in earnest of 2002, when a demo version of the song "Finally Woken" was played on Los Angeles station KCRW. Her demo tracks was one of the most listener-requested songs at the station, landing her in their top 5 played artists, and all prior to any record label being attached. As a result, Bruce Flohr was so impressed with her demos that he offered Jem a record deal onto Dave Matthews' ATO record label.

She was subsequently signed to the label ATO and released the moderately successful EP "It All Starts Here" in autumn 2003, followed by the album "Finally Woken" in March 2004.

The single "They," from "Finally Woken," was released in the UK on March 14, 2005. She simultaneously began receiving publicity in the US, as her music was featured on numerous television shows such as "The O.C.," "Desperate Housewives," Wonderfalls," "Six Feet Under," "Crossing Jordan" and "Grey's Anatomy."

According to Jem's official site, her influences are wide ranging and extend into almost all genres of music. She describes her inspirations as a "strange mix of soul, hip hop, reggae, dance music, film soundtracks, classical music and cheesy love songs," from Stevie Wonder to the soundtrack of the "Braveheart" movie.

Her next album will be released at the top of 2007.

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