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Real name: Rhea Alexandria Scarfazzo Calaveras. Biography of Jasmin St. Claire & facts: Jasmin was.


Rhea Alexandria Scarfazzo Calaveras aka Jasmin biography

SurnameSt. Claire
Jasmin St. Claire birth name:Rhea Alexandria Scarfazzo Calaveras
Jasmin St. Claire birthday1974-10-23
NicknameJasmin St. Clair,Jasmine St. Claire
Jasmin St. Claire home townSt. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands.
Jasmin St. Claire assets
Jasmin St. Claire vices
Jasmin St. Claire height171 cm
Jasmin St. Claire jobPornographic Actress.
Jasmin St. Claire hobbiesHeavy, Metal.
Jasmin St. Claire ethnicity
Jasmin St. Claire breast size36
Jasmin St. Claire waist size23
Jasmin St. Claire hips size34
Jasmin St. Claire mottoI don't bring my work home with me. I don't compare my personal life with my sexual life at work, it's two different things.
Real biography:

Jasmin was once a big B movie scream queen. Her first adult film was in Marilyn Chambers' Bedtime Stories softcore series in 93'.

Even though her favroite type of music is hardcore metal rock, she also has a softer side to her. She enjoys horseback riding, collecting dolls, and rollerblading.

She went to private school growing up and even tought French classes to children with incarcerated parents.

Jasmin is most famous for banging 350 dudes in a day! The title was "Worlds Biggest Gang Bang". It broke the record Annabel Chong made in the Biggest Gang bang.

She is really down to earth and will only fuck non-pro's. And she doesnt like fucking girls either. She has always said she loves gangbangs and does not fake orgasms during her scenes.

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