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Real name: Jackie Guerrido. Biography of Jackie Guerrido & facts: IntroductionEveryone's always.


Jackie Guerrido aka Jackie biography

Jackie Guerrido birth name:Jackie Guerrido
Jackie Guerrido birthday1970-09-24
Jackie Guerrido home townRio Piedras, Puerto Rico.
Jackie Guerrido assetsSo far, it looks like great tits, and a killer smile...plus a killer ass, maybe bigger than J, lo''S...IM NOT KIDDING....
Jackie Guerrido vices
Jackie Guerrido height171 cm
Jackie Guerrido jobWeatherwoman, Actress.
Jackie Guerrido hobbies
Jackie Guerrido ethnicityLatino
Jackie Guerrido breast size30
Jackie Guerrido waist size23
Jackie Guerrido hips size33
Jackie Guerrido mottoIt is going to be sunny today (in Spanish).
Real biography: Introduction

Everyone's always complaining about the weather. Leave it to Univision to finally do something about it, but hiring the hot,hot, hot, Jackie Guerrido to lay it down.

Life Story

Jackie Guerrido's career began when was offered a job on a morning radio show by a producer who heard her doing a voice-over and "thought she had a beautiful voice." She soon received an offer from the radio station "Romance 106.7 FM" in Miami, Florida, which she accepted even though no one would be able to see her nice figure.

She was then given the opportunity to co-host a radio program with the duties of broadcasting news and traffic conditions. Eventually, she was given her own music show at Salsa 98.3 FM.

She finally landed a job where people could imaginer her taking off her clothes in television as a traffic reporter for Telemundo Channel 51, working for both the radio and television at the same time.

Univision took notice of her and offered her a job as a weatherperson on the TV show Al Amanacer de Noticias 23 ("Morning News at Channel 23") deciding that her ample breast could replace the degree that was necessary for the job. They worked.

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