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Real name: Deborah Jo Hunter. Biography of Hunter Tylo & facts: Hunter Tylo was born Deborah Jo.


Deborah Jo Hunter aka Hunter biography

Hunter Tylo birth name:Deborah Jo Hunter
Hunter Tylo birthday1962-07-03
Hunter Tylo home townFort Worth, Texas.
Hunter Tylo assets
Hunter Tylo vices
Hunter Tylo height168 cm
Hunter Tylo jobActress.
Hunter Tylo hobbies
Hunter Tylo ethnicityWhite
Hunter Tylo breast size34
Hunter Tylo waist size26
Hunter Tylo hips size36
Hunter Tylo motto
Real biography: Hunter Tylo was born Deborah Jo Hunter in Fort Worth, Texas, the daughter of Jo Anne and Morris Jabez Hunter. She has been credited as Deborah Morehart; Morehart was the last name of her first husband.

Tylo is a soap opera actress. She debuted on All My Children in 1985. She met her future husband Michael Tylo on the set playing his love interest. She left the show and married Tylo in 1987. She played Marina Toscano on Days of Our Lives from 1989 to 1990.

Tylo played the role of Dr. Taylor Hayes as a series regular on The Bold and the Beautiful from 1990 through 2002. She returned to the show in 2004 for a two-episode appearance as a vision. In May 2005, she returned as a series regular.

She has four children, Christopher 'Chris' Morehart from her first marriage to Tim Moreheart, and a son Michael 'Mickey' Tylo Jr., and two daughters Izabella Gabrielle Tylo and Katya Ariel Tylo by her marriage to Michael Tylo.

In 1998, her infant daughter Katya was diagnosed with a rare cancer of the right eye called retinoblastoma. Doctors removed the eye and began chemotherapy, but later in the year a tumor was detected in Katya's other eye; to the amazement of her doctors, that tumor soon inexplicably disappeared. Katya recovered and wears a prosthetic right eye.

On October 18, 2007, Tylo's 19-year old son, Michael Tylo Jr., drowned in the family pool in Henderson, Nevada.[1]The Clark County coroner concluded that "the cause of death was drowning due to seizure disorder," and was ruled accidental.

About 45% Cherokee Indian (Mother's side)owns a boa constrictor named BJShe is an accomplished equestrian bareback rider.

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